Please merge account profiles

@BrianBourbeau we will look at it

@BrianBourbeau this is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil you are awesome! Thank you

@JenniferOlinger I notice one adult leader on our Troop has two user profiles. I think that may be causing him consternation. Can you please take a look at User ID 26585 and User ID 9927108. I think those two should be merged. Can you please merge them? Thank you again for everything!

@KevinElmore I am checking …

@KevinElmore This should be fixed.

He has Google sign in turned on, so he needs to use the “Sign in with Google” button and his Google name and Google password.

Hello Mr McNeill. I have a parent in my troop with a BSA ID 13513409 and User ID 10643226. She also has BSA ID 121131559 and User ID 10924062. She has been attempting to reset her password to login and I’m wondering if the two sets of ID’s are causing a problem in the back end? I didn’t want to delete the connections to her two sons and recreate is case it would cause a bigger mess.

Tom Keenan Scoutmaster troop 349

@ThomasKeenan Ask the parent to go to my.scouting and use the chatbot (“Betty”) in the lower right corner to reset her password.

When the chatbot asks: “Do you remember your security questions?”, she can just say “No”.

The BSA member number she should be using is 13513409.

She has 2 last names, but there is a space between them (not a hyphen).

Hello Jennifer. Thank you for the advice. I will pass this along.

Have a good night,

Tom Keenan

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Thanks! I saw that too. The SHAC DOB is correct, as confirmed by parent.

Can someone please help merge two accounts for me? Primary account should be BSA#118602672 UserID 12328875 Old account that needs to be moved/merged/combined BSA#133945478 UserID 8437773. All connections to my own kids are with the old numbers.

Thank you.

@KyleLadwig we will look at it

@KyleLadwig looked and merged users - think you had the numbers mixed up as registrations where under 2672

Hi, could I please get accounts 14211536 and 13468958 merged? I believe 13468958 is the dominant account. TIA

@RobinVanDyke that is fixed

Thanks for your help.

I have some merging to do, too!

Two scouts below. Thank you!!!

Keep this one
Remove this one

Keep this one
Remove this one

@DonovanMcNeil, thank you for your assistance. You are amazing.

SUAC Friends!
Please merge these two accounts:

BSA Member #: 14088267, UserID 12271715 (should be primary, has leadership positions)
BSA Member #: 13733078, UserId 12413771

Also, does the fact that there are more than 370 replies to this thread indicate there might be some systemic problem with the login system that makes multiple accounts such an issue? I just had a parent reach out to me and I’m guessing she has a similar problem… now I’m waiting for the other 50 parents in our Pack to ask the same question…


@GregoryStevenson this is fixed - expecially for military families the importance of > Manage Member ID cannot be stressed enough - new Member IDs have to stay primary, and applications have to always be the same name

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