Please merge account profiles

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Please merge ID #136058702 into ID #14889301. Thanks

@RhondaRigney there is no merging of BSA #s. I cleaned up the Scoutbook Users to one, but it appears there were slight name variations between the applications that caused a second MID

Thanks her name was mis-spelt on ID #136058702 I think that’s why it wasn’t caught when she registered after a lapse. Her name contains two n’s. Thanks

Well one has a Middle name as well

yes, it’s suppose to be Kay. Thanks

Hi Donovan! I have a parent with two profiles that need to be merged. 14441460 is one that is pending on one of her children. She has another profile with a different email and a different address (they moved into our pack) but it will not let me see her BSA # because it says I have no access to that API.

Hi! Trying to get my COR’s dual profile merged. BSA #140158184 is the primary and the one registered to our Troop. BSA #124984271 is the duplicate. Thanks!

@MelisaLeblanc I sent you a private message.

@MeghanRipple I don’t see anything to merge.

I did put both BSA member numbers under management (Manage Member ID at my.scouting) and set 140158184 as primary.

I need help in merging the following two numbers for one of our adult leaders who created a duplicate account when completing YPT for rechartering. Thank you for any help or guidance.

Original Member ID: 137254291

New duplicate Member ID (where YPT was completed this week): 111096885

@JamesMason2 that is fixed

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Hello, I need a merge for my ASM. Somehow she was still listed in her old council with 1 I’d and current council with another. When she tried to fix it, she has now lost access to Scoutbook.

Here is her message to me:

“I’m sorry to drop another thing on your plate, but I can’t get the two account issue resolved. They say I don’t have two accounts but I am still registered under Daniel Boone Council. It locked me out of all the systems when I tried to fix it.”

134332722 DBC

136919832 DWC

Somehow she was logged into the pack with the Daniel Boone Council ID and has lost access. She is registered with my Troop under
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

@CharleenOsborne pretty easy to fix - BUT they have 2 different log ins - which do they want? FirstnameLastname or Lastname918

Scout’s dad is listed twice in his profile and I can only access info on one of the profiles. Scout info is SB User ID:2308177. BSA Member ID:140255966, Previous BSA Member ID:135258559.

Dad info in the one profile I can access is BSA Member ID:12882811. Can you merge the two profiles for the dad? thanks

FirstNameLastName is the one that she would like to keep. Thanks

@CharleenOsborne that is fixed

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@CD32 that is fixed now

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks again!

I would like to request updating the BSA number for an account. I created an account, planning to use an existing number, but it assigned me a new one instead. Now I am unable to change / cancel or anything else without involving the council.
The incorrect number is 140265981. The correct number is 132384897.
Thank you for any assistance. Calls to my council have been unsuccessful.